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 The unique products of Leerkang are created through our cooperation with well-known domestic & overseas research institutes in all scientific researches, internationally sophisticated talents and cutting-edge technological explorations. Our scientific researchers have always been further carrying forward their researches to improve production technology and optimize production processes, aiming at providing our customers with better products.

Both quality management labs of Leerkang and its cooperative research institutes are equipped with superior equipment at the same level of that of major brands.

Equipment Application
High performance liquid chromatograph (HPLC): For the impurity test and content determination of raw and auxiliary materials, intermediate products and finished products.
Ultraviolet spectrophotometer For the impurity test and content determination of raw and auxiliary materials.
Automatic polarimeter For the impurity test and content determination of raw and auxiliary materials.

We independently research and develop equipment, technology and most of the key techniques used in our plants. All facilities of our plants are directly purchased from well-known manufacturers at home and abroad. Our production department consists of water-production workshop, synthesis workshop, concentration workshop, cleaning workshop and packaging production line. Sophisticated technology-based production lines ensure the superior quality of our products.

现金扎金花 Leerkang deploys 100,000-grade clean rooms in its production area. High-efficiency particulate air filters are used to filter all air in the plants, ensuring that the amount of dust particles and microorganisms meets the requirements of the clean grade. Many kinds of cleaning devices are used to periodically to clean and sterilize immovable large facilities in the plant area.

Complying with the GMP standard, our company establishes an extremely strict quality assurance system in which we carry out strict checks at all levels, covering quality assurance of raw materials, quality control of production processes and quality inspection of finished products. To this end, our researchers would carry out hundreds of thousands of times of product tests each year, with the only purpose of ensuring the lasting high quality of products.

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