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  • 9004-61-9·CAS No:
  • C28H44N2O23·Molecular Formula:
  • 776.6486·Molecular Weight:
  • In house standard·Quality Standards:
  • >92%·Content(Dry product):
  • 1kg/bag;10kg/box;20kg/box·Specifications:

Cosmetic grade

Roles of sodium hyaluronate in skin:
Hyaluronic acid is a kind of linear plyglucosaminocan wildly found in skin tissues. It’s commercial form is hyaluronic acid sodium salt or sodium hyaluronate, as we call. The unique structure can bind and lock water molecular and thus enabling it the excellence in water retaining ability。 Theoretically it can bind 100 times weight water of it’s own weight, 100ml/ g, and so it is called the natural moisturizing factor (NMF).
High molecular weight sodium hyaluronate can form a thin permeable layer, which helps the skin lock water and protect the skin from hurting by bacteria, dust and ultraviolet rays.
Low molecular weight sodium hyaluronate can penetrate into corium, enlarge blood capillaries slightly to promote blood circulation, improve intermediary metabolism and stimulate the nourishment of skin cells, thus diminishing the wrinkles, boosting the skin elasticity and delaying the aging process.
Besides, sodium hyaluronate plays a part in hyperplasia of epidermic cell, cleaning of free radicals, preventing and recovering skin injuries.
Properties and applications of sodium hyaluronate:
Sodium hyaluronate is the perfect thicker and water retainer for personal care products. It has a strong compatibility and stability and could be widely applied to skin care and cosmetic products, such as cream, lotion, astringent, essence, facial cleanser, shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, mouse and lip sticker, etc.

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