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New Launch——LEK PCA High Range Water Reducing Concrete Ad

DateTime: 2015-10-20 17:39 Source: 未知

New Launch——LEK PCA High Range Water Reducing Concrete Admixture

LEK PCA is a high performance based on polycarboxylate, specifically developed as effective dispersant, fluidized and high range water reducing concrete admixture
LEK PCA is a neutral concentrate grade, it is mainly used as a raw material to produce different types of high performance water reducers for targeted industrial..
l   LEK PCA can be applied in a wide variety industry and can improve the workability to the concrete and to improve high early compressive strength, even with low water/cement ratios while maintaining normal levels of workability.
l   It can be widely used in conventional concrete, pumping concrete, super-fluid self-compacting and high-performance concrete; it has the excellent performance especially in the application of high-strength high performance concrete.
l   High water reducing rate and excellent plasticizing effect. And produces concrete with high levels of workability without segregation.
l   Excellent dispersion and self-compacting effect can produce different grade strength super fluid self-compacting concrete.
l   Can be a substantial increase in early and late strengths of concrete, so that increase the project construction schedule.
l   Better plasticity-maintaining could significantly prolong the transit time of concrete, it reduce economic losses and ensure the normal pumping of concrete.
l   Improves the frost resistance and carbonation resistance of the concrete. Lower drying shrinkage of the concrete by 20% or more compared with naphthalene-based admixtures.
l   High applicability: It can be used with different variety of cement.
l   Improved finished concrete surface ability.
l   Proffer air environment protect.
l   No chloride ions and no corrosion to steel bar.

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