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Luckerkong Biotech was granted AAAA certificate

DateTime: 2015-11-06 17:14 Source: 未知

Luckerkong Biotech was granted AAAA certificate

Guangdong Luckerkong Biotech was honored “AAAA High Quality and Intigrety Prize” in Oct 2015, which was issued by China government.
Over the passed few years,LEK insists on high quality standard during the whole process of manufacturing according to China National GMP standards.The high quality products and GMP standard helped the company build up a large and loyal customer base.LEK has gained board recognition from the whole industry especially conducting GMP standard in producing cosmetic ingredients including alpha arbutin, ascorbyl glucoside, glutathione and so on.
In the future, LEK will keep on the high quality principle and provide high end products to ensure costomers a better life.


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