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The 2nd LEK Cup Basketball Game

DateTime: 2015-04-03 14:28 Source: 未知

The 2nd LEK Cup Basketball Game

现金扎金花 Feb 2 to 7, 2015, a basketball game was having in Luckerkong Biotech. Finally the Team from Purchasing team beat the other 5 teams easily.

In the Game, the players of Purchasing were working well together, always leading the other teams from the beginning.  Especially Xinghua Zhou and Haocheng Yang, because of their good height, fast speed, high shooting percentage, and team working, they won the champion.


Through this basketball game, the friendship has been strengthened between all the 6 teams.
"Hard-working as a team, living together as a family" is the popular slogan in Luckerkong biotech, we belived that we can be more efficient and professional in the future.

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