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Guangdong Luckerkong Biotech Co., Ltd. is located in Puning city, Guangdong province, which nears Puhui highway, Shanpu highway and Shenxia rail way, with convenient traffic condition and ascendant pharmaceutical business environment. Luckerkong Biotech established in 2009, enjoyed a coverage of 31,000 m2, and building area of 6,000 m2, where is home for research and development centre, product development teams, and business support personnel.
Luckerkong Biotech cooperated with overseas company in manufacturing L-theanine and GABA, with annual capacity of 150t, which are superior in quality, and can be widely used in Nutrition supplement, functional food, soft drink and pharmaceutical industry. Manufacturing centre of Luckerkong Bitotech is combined with workshops of synthetsis, concentration, cleaning and pure water.  It is equipped with unique automatic facilities including high performance liquid chromatograph and ion chromatograph. In order to ensure consistently high quality, Luckerkong Biotech complies with GMP standard to achieve a completely sealed, sterile, temperature and humidity controlled environment and standard operation.
Luckerkong Biotech also cooperated with famous research laboratory on manufacturing SAMe and Glutathione, which is salable in global markets.
现金扎金花 Luckerkong Biotech is committed to assisting clients worldwide with their unique needs by providing them with superior products, and takes great pride in commitment to production-to-service business excellence, technology innovation, and caring for human health and happiness.  

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